Cold War Europe

The following notes and TO&Es are provided to supplement those provided in the Modern Spearhead rules.

France 1980 to 1985:

The French divisional structure was under significant change during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1977 the organisation changed to one being based on 15 divisions. These divisions were all larger than most NATO brigades but smaller than NATO divisions.

The French 2nd Corps, stationed in West Germany, comprised the 3rd and 5th Armoured Divisions and the 15th Infantry Division.  1st Corps comprised 1st and 7th Armoured Division, 12th & 14th Light Armoured Division and 4th Armoured Division until it was disbanded in 1984.

The French Armoured Division by the 1980s comprised two or three armoured regiments and were typically supported by three mechanised regiments of which two were typically in AMX-10P.  The French Infantry Division contained one Reconnaisance Regiment, equipped with armoured cars, and three infantry regiments.

French Divisions have no Brigade HQs. Therefore, divisional artillery can be retained at divisional level for use as counter battery and general support or allocated to a specific regiment. French regiments are battalions for the purposes of Modern Spearhead.

French regular forces should be rated NATO1. Selected units using older equipment and comprising reservists may optionally be rated NATO2.

The French TO&E are:


United Kingdom:

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