The Falklands War

On 2 April 1982, Argentine forces mounted amphibious landings of the Falkland Islands. The invasion met a nominal defence by the British garrison. The outcome however was a British campaign, involving the greater part of  division being committed to land operations, to recapture the islands.

This page provides information on wargaming the Falklands War using Modern Spearhead rules.

falkland scorpion 3

Orders of Battle:

British Ground Forces

An Order of Battle for British forces deployed to the Falklands with a TO&E in Modern Spearhead format covering both 3 Commando, 5 Brigade and supporting formations. The file can be found here.

Argentine Ground Forces

An Order of Battle and TO&E for Argentine forces covering both the initial  invasion and subsequent occupation of the Falklands. The file can be found here.