My modern wargaming is based around scenario specific situations where a range of tactical situations are presented to each player.

While I tend to use a Scenario Generation System for many of my games the following scenarios may be useful to players keen to place stands on the table with minimal preparation. The following scenarios have all been play tested and have provided us with interesting and challenging situations. I do not suggest they are perfectly balanced.


Further, feel free to alter the scenarios to your own situation or available forces. For example you could replace British forces with West German, American or French.

Blunting the Bear:

2nd August 1982 elements of the British 1st Armoured Division launch a hasty counter attack while elements of the Soviet 27th Guard Motor Rifle Division exploit a breakthrough by attempting to capture a key river crossing. The scenario can be found here.

Engagement at Einbeck:

Continuing the massive assaults of the 1st August 1982 WARPAC forces advance across the West German plain. On the 3rd of August elements of the British 4th Armoured Division move forward to stop the breakthrough in support of the hard pressed 1st Gordon Highlanders. The scenario can be found here.

Beyond Breaking:

WARPAC formations are applying extreme pressure all along NATO’s forward line of defence. BAOR is now extremely hard pressed. In fact they are beyond breaking point but must continue to hold the line. The scenario can be found here.