The Arab-Israeli Wars

The wars that make up the Arab-Israeli conflict include many high intensity armoured engagements which are well suited to represntation using Modern Spearhead. Often these engagements involved armies in transistion from older, and often completely obselete, World War II vintage equipment to modern Western or Soviet equipment. This can mean that World War II vintage T-34s can be found engaging Centurion or M48 tanks, or vintage Shermans confronting modern T-62 main battle tanks. All adding variety to the miniatures armies and the resulting battles.

This page provides suggestions on using Modern Spearhead to wargame the various campaigns of the Arab-Israeli conflict.


The Arab Israeli Wars with Modern Spearhead

A short article on modelling the Arab-Israeli Wars with Modern Spearhead. This article considers the impact of ground scales as well as representing command and control and morale ratings of the various combatants. The article can be found here.

Orders of Battle:

Jordanian Army in the Six Day War (1967)

An Order of Battle for Jordanian forces during the 1967 War and alternate TO&Es covering Armoured Brigades, Infantry Brigades and Independent Tank Regiments. The file can be found here.

Egyptian Army in the Six Day War (1967)

An Order of Battle for Egyptian forces deployed in the Sinai during the 1967 War with an alternate TO&E covering the 4th Armoured Division. The file can be found here.

Syrian Army in the Six Day War (1967)

An Order of Battle for Syrian forces deployed in the Golan during the 1967 War and alternate TO&Es covering Infantry Brigades, Armoured Brigades and Independent Tank Battalions. The file can be found here.