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The Falklands War

My interest in the modern wargaming is not limited to hypothetical combats in Cold War Europe. For many years I have been interested in the Falklands War. At the time the war I, like many my age, found myself glued to the television each evening listening to reports of the war. Over the years my interest has not really reduced.

Now, a number of people argue that the Falklands conflict is too small to be modelled with Modern Spearhead. To a point I would agree as many of the battles are small affairs. However, the British campaign to retake the Falklands, when converted to Modern Spearhead format, looks interesting. Basically there is a reinforced Divisional Level engagement, something that Modern Spearhead is designed for, in a limited geographical area with all the elements of modern warfare in play. As way of a summary the main campaign sees some nine Argentine battalions, organised in roughly three Brigades, fighting against eight British battalions in two reinforced brigades. Of course the air and naval aspects can not be forgotten, the former being especially well catered for in the base Modern Spearhead rules. The main British land operations of Falklands War seem an ideal candidate for an interesting mini-campaign.

The historical Argentine invasion is more one sided of course. With some British reinforcements however even this could translate to an interesting scenario, perhaps re-fought as a solo game, where two reinforced Argentine battalions conduct an assault on a reinforced British defence of Stanley and it’s surrounds.

As part of my Falklands project I have today uploaded Orders of Battle and the conversion of these to Modern Spearhead for both the Argentine and British forces. They can be found in the new Falklands War section. I’ll need to see how the project progresses…