Cold War Scenarios

The reorganisation of my Modern Spearhead website continues, slowly, and this evening I have finally sorted out and uploaded several Cold War scenarios.

The first scenarios are provided as a set and cover a series of actions between British and Soviet forces in the first few days of 1982. The scenarios are “Blunting the Bear”, “Engagement at Einbeck” and “Beyond Breaking”.

Each scenario involes a reinforced brigades, or in some cases two brigades, and can reasonably be played in an afternoon, or possibly evening, of gaming. The scenarios can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Cold War Scenarios

  1. Like the scenarios. Started playing again – but had a question about the US M-110 range listed as 240 while the M-110A1/2 has range of 240?
    M-110 should be less. The M-109 and -109A1 ranges: 145 &180. Need some help.

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